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We use materials from vegetable fibres (for halters and lanyards linen and cotton) and brass buckles.

Payment is made by credit card only, we use a secure solution. At no time will we have access to your credit card information. 

We have chosen to use only one payment solution to ensure fair prices and not to pass on the costs of commissions to our customers.

Our halters are machine washable at 30°.

They are made to dry in the open air, so there is no need for a tumble dryer or ironing.

Our halters are available in 8 sizes from mini-shetland to draught horse. We even have a "short draft" size.

The special adjustment of the HALTER PLANET noseband makes our halters suitable for most horses.

You will find a size guide in the product sheet.

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Our materials are of vegetable origin:

- when plants grow, they absorb CO2 instead of producing it

- flax requires only rainwater and no pesticides to flourish.

-It is mainly grown (80% of the world production) between Normandy and the Netherlands, it is a local production.

- its cultivation in rotation contributes to the improvement of soil quality.

- our organic cotton comes from Egypt (and not Asia) which seriously reduces the number of journeys 

- the dyes used are oeko tex certified (without products that are harmful to the skin and to health)

- At the end of their life, our halters can be fully recycled and even composted.

If the size you ordered does not fit you have 14 days from receipt of your order to let us know. We will arrange the return and exchange the product for the correct size.

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