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"Insanity is to behave in the same way all the time and expect a different result".

Albert Einstein

HALTER PLANET products are designed and developed in harmony with nature and the horse: HALTER PLANET is dedicated to the development of sustainable, ecological and innovative horse equipment. Through the careful development of its products, HALTER PLANET not only meets the needs of riders, but above all those of their horses. Join us in our effort to care for your horse and preserve nature!

Who are we?

Two friends, also horse lovers, who wanted to live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. We had an idea for a product that would help us achieve this!

Viviane: "There is no problem, we will find the solution" or how to achieve 10 ideas per second!

Caroline : "Even in flip-flops, no Everest stands in my way so take the Halter Planet challenge!"

Our product is the perfect halter for horses: it is durable and has been designed to last a long time while being super comfortable

Why Halter Planet?

What do wetsuits, running shirts, ski jumpers and cross country boots have in common?

They are all derived from oil!

When some companies choose to use recycled plastics to clean up the oceans, we think that's a good start! 

Today there are alternatives from plants that will not pollute the oceans tomorrow.

We can find a sailboat with a hull made of linen composites, we must be able to equip our horses without oil!

To get the oil off our horses' backs (and the oceans at the same time) join the Halter Planet adventure

How Halter Planet was born

Vagabond breaks his halter. Quickly, we go in search of a new halter.

And there was astonishment: only synthetic, non-recyclable and polluting materials!

While we are capable of making eco-responsible t-shirts, surfing suits, skis and even sailboats, we would be incapable of equipping our horses with anything other than synthetic materials?

But that was without counting on the solution and challenge seeker. Together, we created the first brand of equestrian material made of vegetable fibres.

Made in France

The ropes and straps are woven in France from 100% European linen (our suppliers are Master of Linen certified).

The thread comes from the Paris region, manufactured by the historic French brand: La maison Sajou.

The brass buckles and carabiners have just crossed the border from Italy.

The whole thing is assembled in Savoie in a sheltered workshop.


Plant fibres are the only carbon positive raw materials. (1 hectare of flax absorbs 3.7 tonnes of CO2)

They are renewable and fully recyclable. 

They are no less innovative. Resistant to breakage and torsion, they represent a real alternative for the creation of composite materials. Flax fibre absorbs vibrations better than glass fibre and is lighter, which gives us some ideas for future products. 

Horse comfort

If our halters don't have a rug it's because they don't need one.

Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, linen soothes sensitive skin.

Linen textiles are able to absorb and release up to 20% of their weight in water while remaining dry to the touch.

Long fibre: linen makes textiles soft, strong and lint-free. 

And as if that wasn't enough, flax has been known since the Middle Ages for its relaxing and soothing properties. Would you like a more zen horse?

The Price is Right

Proud of our products, our values and our commitments,
we offer them at the right price all year round.

No need to wait for the sales when you pay the real price. This is how the price of a HALTER PLANET halter is made up.

Our Team

Viviane Gonnet


Caroline Verroust

Director General

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